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At, Watson Coon Ryan, we believe in questioning the status quo to ensure our approach to business is based on what makes sense rather than doing things the way they’ve always been done. We understand that our firm is only successful if we have a happy, fulfilled, and quality team and we have structured our firm to ensure this happens.

We have a laid back and open door culture. Our firm values efficiency and flexibility and as a result do not measure our employees based on hours worked, realization, utilization or any other metric that fails to account for the value our employees bring. To promote our focus on our team and our clients, the firm has fully eliminated time tracking. This has allowed us to focus on providing the best service to our clients, regardless of billing rates. This also means that the entire team can pitch in without a high rate “blowing the budget”. The entirety of our team pitches in when we’re in a pinch, regardless of level or pay rate.

We value upward feedback and look for suggestions from our entire team on ways to make the jobs better, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Continual improvement, both personally and as a firm is a core value of who we are.

Vacation time is unlimited as we have confidence that our team understands the expectations and trust that they can manage their workloads to ensure work is getting done well and on time.

We trust our entire team to manage their own workloads and allow for significant flexibility in work hours. Watson Coon Ryan respects our employees enough to never require anyone to be at work just to fill a seat. If our team can get their work done, any down time is theirs to use as they see fit.

We understand that this model is not for everyone. We encourage potential employees to review Our Mission to ensure they align with your own. We believe that self-driven, entrepreneurial minded and efficient team members excel most in this environment.